I wonder why you don’t consider the weight resting on my shoulders. Why evertime I get a message, it reads:

“ I need a favour”

“ Where you at, I need you to do”

“Yo can you?”

It’s a battle you know… to see you name pop up on my screen ignites me but opening the message puts me out. I give in because like you, I need you too. A young man longing for somewhere to belong or someone to listen and understand me… Damn can you help me? fuck. I know we’re both drowning but this feels like you’re stepping on my back to keep yourself afloat. The thought of giving so much to the point where I’m drained runs through my head and now I run from you. Another vibration… fuck this phone. Besides, my phone bill is sky high and Rogers is bout to cut my line. For once something me and them agree needs to happen. Bless up